VMPower Automate: Backup Management Made Easy

Automate backups of any VM. Delete old backups after a period of days. Sharable with teams. All with a calendar.

What is VMPower Backup Management?

VMPower Backup Management makes it simple to manage backups for AWS, Azure or Google Cloud Engine VM using a simple calendar:

Backup Schedule Demo

You'll get optional notifications via email about successful backups and always be notified of any errors encountered.

To view your backups you can checkout the VM or the volume associated with the snapshots generated in the 'Backups' page:

Backup Schedule Demo

If that status is Pending VMPower will synchronize the snapshot status with your cloud provider in a few minutes and update your dashboard accordingly.

After the specified number of retention days, VMPower will remove old snapshots, limiting the storage cost incurred by storing snapshots.


Providing backup automation saves your team time by not having to write scripts and money by not having to use expensive cumbersome 1st party options. You can also manage backups from multiple subscriptions and cloud platforms in one place.

Compared to 1st party cloud backup management solutions VMPower is also much more affordable. For example, Azure will charge $15 per 'protected instance' (not including storage costs). However, they are using the same storage engine for backups.

Some Specifics

  • VMPower does not turn off VMs before backing them up. Some VMs may need to be stopped before backing up. Be sure to schedule a power off event before your backup event if this is needed.

  • Backing up off-hours is recommended since taking snapshots does consume backup space.

  • VMPower will backup each attached disk to your VM at the point in time backup is scheduled.

Azure Specifics

Azure has 2 kinds of VM disks. The older unmanaged disks which are just page blobs in Azure Storage and managed disks which are disks that are treated as full Azure resources. When VMPower takes a snapshot of an unmanaged disk the backup is an incremental blob snapshot of your disk. This typically takes up a smaller amount of space on your storage account.

Managed disk snapshots however are full-disk backups however it is always charged as standard storage even if it is a backup of a premium account. These snapshots will be stored in a new resource group named _vmpower-backup-[location] where [location] is the Azure region of the disk backed up. When you choose to restore a snapshot via VMPower, VMPower will create a disk of identical specification in the original resource group which the backup was taken.

AWS Specifics

AWS Volumes are backed up using standard AWS snapshots. When a snapshot is restored to a new disk the same specifications as the original disk is used.

GCE Specifics

Google cloud engine snapshots use standard GCE snapshots. When a snapshot is restored to a new disk the same specifications as the original disk is used.