Shutdown VMs based on user logins

Many times cloud VMs are used exclusively when someone is logged into the VM either through RDP (on Windows) or SSH connection. For example, VMs might only be used by developers when actively writing and testing code.

The VMPower agent

The VMPower agent is a small command line utility that can be easily ran as a service for Windows or Linux VMs. Every minute, the agent sends recent login activity to your VMPower account.

By providing VMPower with recent login activity, VMPower can automatically turn off VMs that haven't had any user logins within a specified period of time. This can easily be set within the VM Group's Auto-off configuration.

Automatically set VMs to shut down based on user logins

VM automations can also be automatically skipped when VMPower detects that a user is currently signed into the VM. Simply select this option on any VM action.

When configuring a VM action you can set it to skip when users are logged in.

We'll send our standard VM automation email notifying you if we skipped the automation because of a signed in user. This will allow you to quickly understand which user caused the scheduled automation to be skipped.

Over the next few months, we'll be releasing more features with the VMPower agent including Auto-off and scheduled automation features based on running VM processes.

Getting started

To get started, head over to the VMPower help center or click the "VM details" button on any VM in the Dashboard.

Click "View VM details" to get a script to automatically install the VMPower agent.