VMPower + Slack

Why yes, we did just integrate your virtual machines to Slack! Starting today, you can connect your VMPower account to your organization's slack group. We're pretty certain that we are the only Slack application that lets you this and we take that with pride!


Besides the fact that Slack is incredibly popular in the work space, Slack integration with VMPower provides transparency to your team, especially in the case of idle vm notifications.

Wouldn't it be nice if your team was notified in one of their working channels about which VMs have been identified as idle over the past week? Engineers on your team can be reminded that they have idle resources and encourage them to deallocate those VMs if they aren't being used:

Idle VM Slack notification

Any notification that you can receive via email, VMPower can also send via Slack.


In addition to getting notifications from VMPower, we also have Slack slash commands which allow you or your team members to interact directly with VMPower.

You can think of it as a CLI, except within Slack. For example, you can list all your idle vms with the list idle-vms command:

Slack idle vm command demo

Or you can disable a power schedule:

Slack disable schedule demo

Theres a bunch more you can do. You can always use the help command which will explain all the latest commands:

Slack help command

Setting up your Integration

Setting up your team's Slack integration is easy. Just go to your notification settings within the account details tab in the nav bar. Click the Slack Login button where you can authorize VMPower into your team. Afterwards, enter the channel you would like VMPower to send notifications to:

Notifications settings dialog

After a couple minutes, our notification service will connect to your slack group and you should see a new member in your organization called @vmpower.