Schedule Azure Data Warehouse Pause/Scale

Today we're announcing support for Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Simply go to the Cloud Subscriptions Wizard and re-add your Azure Subscription. You'll just want to make sure to check the 'Include SQL Data Warehouses' checkbox:

SQL Data Warehouse Screenshot
Check the Include SQL Datawarehouses box to import your SQL Data Warehouse.

Once you do this, head over to the Virtual Machines dialog where you'll see your Azure Subscription with the Microsoft Azure logo as well as an additional row with the same Azure Subscription name but with a 'SQL' logo:

SQL Data Warehouse Screenshot
Click on the row with the 'SQL' logo to view your Azure SQL Data Warehouses

You'll then see your SQL Data Warehouse. It'll look like any other VM within VMPower. You can add this VM to a VM Group.

SQL Data Warehouse Screenshot
Your SQL Data Warehouse will appear as any other Azure VM in VMPower

Finally, using VM Schedules you can automate the Data Warehouse to pause or start again. Pausing an Azure SQL Data Warehouse stops charges until you start it again.

You can even scale your SQL Data Warehouse by creating a Resize action on your VM Schedule.

Scale SQL Data Warehouse Dialog
Using a Scheduled Resize event, you can scale your Data Warehouse

By including Azure Data Warehouses into your VM schedules you can schedule complex automations including SQL Data Warehouses and VMs to drive down unused cloud resource hours.