Schedule VM Allocations with VM Groups

Unlike web services, fault-tolerant workloads such as CI, Map-reduce and task-based computation often don't require a virtual machine instance to run 24/7.

Today we released a critical feature, 'Power Schedule', where you can create a VM Group (an arbitrary group of VMs which can span different subscriptions or even cloud platforms) and schedule that group of VMs to either allocate or deallocate on a set weekly schedule.

Creating a Power Schedule

The power schedule dialog looks really similar to your weekly planner, except instead of meeting events, you're describing the state of VM throughout the week (either on or off):

Power Schedule Demo

After creating a vm group, just click the calendar button to create a new power schedule. Afterwards, select your preferred timezone, the action VMPower should take during the highlighted event times and the times you want the schedule to be active.

If you choose, VMPower will send you a note about an hour or 30 minutes before the VMs either allocate or deallocate. This is just in case you forgot that you set the schedule active and to let your team know about the upcoming event.

After each scheduled allocation/deallocation VMPower will keep track of how much money you saved on your sidebar.

Head over to the power schedules page to create one now.