New! Flexible VM Schedules

VMPower VM Schedule until now have been binary and enforced state of your VM 24/7 (either always on or always off according to timespans on the calendar). This wasn't very flexible if you wanted your VM to unexpectedly be on or off during times that you would normally have your VMs in a different state.

How to Schedule VMs

The new way to schedule VMs is very similar to the original way with a slight change.

  • Create a new VM schedule
  • Create new 'Power Change' events
  • For each event decide if you want VMPower to turn on or off VMs.
  • Select your timezone
  • Save your VM Schedule

How is this better?

VMPower Scheduler will not attempt to enforce your VM be in a particular state. For example, if your VM has been scheduled to turn off, you can easily turn it back on without VMPower enforcing that VM be turned off.

Go ahead. Try it now