New! Custom Team Permissions

Starting today, VMPower Teams now support custom permission levels that can be applied to any group of team members. For example you can restrict a group of users to to only be able to turn on VMs and not be able to modify VM schedules.

With Custom Permission you can:

  • Create limited access users who can only view schedules but not modify them or power on VMs but not power them off.
  • Create a team of co-administrators that can add new cloud subscriptions, create VM schedules and do anything the primary account holder can do.
  • Create a set of users who only have access to a subset of VMs in your cloud subscription.

Permissions Screen Shot
Team Permission Selection Dialog

Using the permissions selection dialog (shown above), you can setup a large number of combinations of user types for your VMPower organization.

You can read more about how to use team in the Help Center.