ElectraLink Reduces Cloud Bill by 50% Using VMPower

The Challenge###

ElectraLink is a leader in Data Transfer Services for the GB Energy Markets. James Macro, IT Relationship and Infrastructure Manager, was tasked with how best to modernize ElectraLink’s app portfolio. One focus area within this initiative was automation for routine tasks to reduce unnecessary cloud spend for their Azure VMs.

“There wasn’t any real ability to easily automate power-off and power-on of my VM's,” said James. “We knew that not all of our resources needed to run 24/7.”

Why VMPower###

After reading about VMPower on MDSN Blogs, James knew it was the solution he had been looking for to control costs without time-consuming internal development. The ability to schedule automations in less than five steps, without having to write a single line of code, was one of the main appeals.

Utilizing a calendar interface extends beyond simply a preference for a GUI based tool vs the command line. The team saves time and avoids the tedious work involved with maintaining a scripting solution. This also allows the team to work on more highly leveraged opportunities advancing ElectraLink’s IT Strategy to meet its business objectives.

The Benefits###

In a matter of a few clicks, ElectraLink was able to reduce its cloud spend by 50% for VMs connected with VMPower. “I have saved so much money that this solution has paid for itself in month 1 so there is no real need to provide management with a business case.” This rapid ROI can be achieved since there’s no software that’s needed to be downloaded or installed to begin using VMPower.

“It’s simple to setup, support has been great and the product just works.” James said. “Having this automation piece has given me more time to focus on the real IT issues that I have to deal with on a daily basis. Knowing that VMPower solution works, I can leave the system to manage my VMs.”

What's Next?###

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